[Samba] Sluething

Moondance Foxmarnick calabash at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 21 17:15:17 GMT 2006

        And here I thought I would be taken to task for sipping! <grin>

Thank you. I remember pdbedit. I don't remember why I have used it, and I certainly didn't remember that it could give me SIDs. (that just looks wrong) And you have no idea how many variant ways I typed into Google for SID to UID conversion. None of the hits mentioned pdbedit. <sigh>

The problem I have with this software is that I only need to work with it 3 times a year after taking, what, 3 months to dive in and learn to set it up. You just can't learn or retain information that way. Now if a large, militant, propriatary company made this software.. why, it would go down once a week at minimum and would know the system like the back of my hand!

Guys.. can we work on this?

Feeling nothing but Luv for the SAMBA team,


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>Moondance Foxmarnick wrote:
>> The Fedora/SAMBA box after thinking a long time would only bring up
>> Grub. The rescue CD could not mount /dev/sda1. 3 sips of Whisky later
>> (not really, but it communicates how I felt.. I'm still wet behind
>> the ears..)
>Try drinking the stuff. Dabbing it behind your ears is for girls to do
>with cologne.
>> I have a SID. How do I translate that into the user who was in the
>> room 3 min before shutdown?
>pdbedit -vL
>lists full user details, including SIDs.

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