[Samba] "disk full" error message (again, again)

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Tue Nov 21 14:25:25 GMT 2006

This is actually replying to an email I found in the list archives from
4 years ago, but I had this same problem and could not find an answer to
it.  The 'strict allocate = yes' did nothing for me.  I could create or
copy new files, but then could not change those files or change existing

FIX:  On a whim, I set "inherit acls = yes" and "inherit permissions =
yes" and everything works fine now.  I just wanted to reply and get this
out in the list archives and hopefully the next person can find it from
Google :)

James Dinkel

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From: Don McCall

I seem to remember excel 97 and word 97 sometimes having problems due to
fact that we don't actually reserve space on the disk when they do a
byte write to extend a file - try setting 'strict allocate=yes' in your
smb.conf file and see if that makes any difference...
Just an idea,

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From: Mark Branigan

Hi all,

I've got a bit of an odd problem ........

When trying to save files into a directory which is on a Samba server 
via an NT4 workstation I get variations on the theme that the disk is

Word 97 reports  "The save failed due to out of memory or disk space" 
and then after retrying I get "The disk is full. Free some space yadda 
blah blah etc ..."

Other apps report "Disk Full"

The fun bit is that
The disk is nowwhere near full.  49GB share with 45GB available
I can save a 50MB file into the same directory via NT explorer.
I can save the word document in the parent directory.
I can save the word document in some of the sibling directories but not 
all of them.

We're using Samba 2.2.4 precompiled binary from samba.org on Solaris 2.8

SPARC hardware.
The clients are NT4 workstations with SP6a.

I have searched the Samba list archives, Google and asked around but 
haven't found a satisfactory answer yet.

My testing has so far drawn a blank:

Samba logs have nothing related to the problem.
I have checked available inodes and only 1% are used.
The disk space free stats are all ok.
The oplock and other locking settings appear to have very little effect.
Snoop-ing the network traffic reveals very little apart from client and 
server happily talking to each other.
Truss doesn't show any odd behaviour or unusual error messages.
Debug level 5 doesn't show any unusual messages, just slows down samba.

Anyhelp greatly appreciated.


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