[Samba] XP visibility on samba browse master

complexgeek kcinNOSPAM at westnet.com.au
Sun Nov 19 16:06:47 GMT 2006

I'm running a Samba server on Ubuntu 6.06, which is the browse master 
for the LAN. It has some shares, and a Windows XP box on the network 
also has some shares. Everything worked perfectly with the Ubuntu and XP 
boxes appearing in the OS X network section, and all public shares being 
mounted on a Geexbox (Linux-based media player) system.
Then I clean re-installed Windows XP. Now when the XP system is turned 
on, for around 20 minutes the other systems can see it, then it stops 
appearing in the browse master list. It can be accessed by name or IP, 
but is not found either via the browse master or broadcast. I found some 
mention of similar problems online, but no solution. Some of these posts 
suggest that as of SP2, XP no longer sends announcements to the network, 
resulting in the browse master dropping it from the list.
The XP firewall is disabled, and I'm completely out of ideas. Any help 
would be much appreciated.


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