[Samba] problem connection with XP pro client

Philippe Rousselot samba at fertill.net
Sat Nov 18 08:08:16 GMT 2006


I set up a samba server on a ubuntu 6.06 machine 

testparm does ot bring any error message

I have an XP Pro client (fully updated) connected to this. I can connect
to the domain without any problem. the user does not exist on the client
On the first logon XP setup the account for this user ading the
different elements on the desktop.

On logout it seems that XP reccords the setting of the user. At least it
is what it says and it takes a while.

After reboot, all the modifications that I made vanished and the process
of setting up the new desktop happend again.

I went throught the web and noticed taht I had to add


it did not change anything apparently 

What should I do

I will also have to add a 200 Pro client and a W98 2nd ed client will I
need to do something special

thanks for you help

Philippe Rousselot

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