[Samba] notepad selfstart on login

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Mon Nov 13 15:06:15 GMT 2006


junior carvalho schrieb:
> ...and all time that a user make login, open a notepad with the content:
Remove then desktop.ini out of the startup folder.

> and all folder have a document Desktop.ini...
There are icons, background,... of a folder saved when
Controlpanel/Foldersettings/Display "Save settings for every folder"
(don`t know if thats the way on a english Windows) is checked. Desktop.ini
files are normally hidden, by default. When you configure windows to show
all files, then you see them in folders.

> someone can say me why this document is there? , why notepad open??? and
> what can i do to solve this??
Because *.ini files are opened in notepad by default.

If the file is in the users startup folder u can add a line in your
logonscript to remove it.

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