[Samba] Newbie looking to move from Netware to Linux/Samba

Boaz Bezborodko boaz at mirrotek.com
Thu Nov 9 21:00:11 GMT 2006

Gary Dale wrote:
> Boaz Bezborodko wrote:
>> I'm looking to move my companies server from an old Netware 5.0 file
>> server to a Linux/Samba server on new hardware.
>> Since my companies' systems are not mission critical (I can afford to be
>> down for a few hours at a time after a switch-over) I feel I have the
>> tolerance for some problems in getting it installed.
>> Is this something I should be able to handle on my own (I installed the
>> NW 5.0 box on my own) and can I depend on support from the community in
>> doing so?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Boaz
> Most distributions install a working Samba by default or as a
> selectable option. However, you will have to set up users and shares.
> You may find SWAT handy for doing this.
> You haven't told us a lot about your setup but is sounds like you
> don't have too much going on. It should be a piece of cake.
Current hardware:  PII-350 on an ASUS P2BL motherboard, Compaq Smart
Array 3200 SCSI controller, Compaq Storage array UE, Sony 20GB Tape
backup SDT-10000

OS: Netware 5.0
Backup Software: Backup Exec
Major Application:  FilePro Database

The critical application is the FilePro database which, I understand,
might take some adjustments to the file locking configuration on Samba. 
I'll also need to have a backup solution.

I wanted to stick with an industrial-class SCSI Array and was thinking
of picking up some used HP SCSI hardware on ebay.  The Smart Array 3200
has saved me on a number of occasions and was pretty easy to use so I
like the idea of sticking with it unless others know why not to do so or
have suggestions they think are better.

I only have about 10 users so even moving stuff manually shouldn't be
that difficult.


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