[Samba] samba & MS Access problems

Juan Ignacio Barbosa ignacio.barbosa at hiperusera.es
Wed Nov 8 11:43:37 GMT 2006

Daniel Kasak escribió:
> Juan Ignacio Barbosa wrote:
>> Hi, I'm having an odd behaviour with a samba file server (3.0.14a) on
>> ubuntu 5.10 breezy an MS access files. When  a user open an mdb file,
>> this file can't be opened by anyone else by doubleclicking on it,
>> (simply nothing happens), BUT if I open Ms Access and then open the file
>> manually from there, there is no problem.
>> I'v tried on Windows XP shares and this is not happening. I'v tried a
>> newer version of ubuntu+samba (6.06+3.0.24) but the problem it's still
>> there.
>> Any idea how to solve this, if posible?
> While I can't help you much with the samba side of things, I can tell
> you that you should avoid having multiple people accessing the same
> Access mdb file at once. While Access is supposed to support this in
> theory, in practice it doesn't work that well, and I would be
> particularly paranoid about having it sitting on a samba server (
> sorry ).
> Are you using Access to store the data, or just as a front-end with
> linked tables? If you're using linked tables, then get everyone to
> create a local copy of the Access mdb file and use the local copy. If
> you're using Access to store your data ( which is in itself asking for
> trouble ), then disregard what I've just said and keep looking for a
> solution ... and investigate moving your data to a database server and
> linking the tables in Access ( or even better, getting rid of Access
> completely ).
Thank you for your answer. Well I can't agree more with you and if i
could i won't be using Access at all :-) It's a small database without
linked tables, and should not get many concurrent users, perhaps 2 or 3.
Anyway, in the meantime i'v been able to solve the problem. It seems
that  not been in the local network trusted sites was causing the
problem. When I add the site (internet explorer options), everything
works fine, at least right now :-)

Juan Ignacio Barbosa


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