[Samba] Roaming Profile gets deleted

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Mon Nov 6 19:25:43 GMT 2006

Florian Zierer schrieb:
> Hi Cleper,
> Cleber P. de Souza wrote:
>> On your Samba server, have you set up the Profile Path for the user?
> Yes of course. The profiles are working if I log in and log out and so 
> on on the same WinXP machine. But, the Profiles are only working, 
> until I delete the profile on the Win XP machine (as another user) or 
> I log in on an Win XP machine where the profile is  not yet loaded. 
> Then the profile on the samba machine gets overwritten and a new 
> "default" profile gets created.
> Any hints where I have to look to solve my problem?
> Thx
> Flo
Have you tried to debug whats going on on the winxp client during 
profile load?

Guide to Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 Profiles and Policies

Troubleshooting User Profiles with the UserEnv.log File
The UserEnv.log is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting the process of 
and unloading User Profiles. Each step in the User Profile process is
recorded in the log, including informational and error-related messages.
The checked version of the UserEnv.dll is the same dynamic link library
(.dll) as the retail version, except that it contains debug flags that 
you can set
and use with the kernel debugger. This file, which is included in both the
Windows NT Device Driver Kit (DDK) and the Windows NT Software Development
Kit (SDK), when used in conjunction with a registry entry, generates a
log file that can be used in troubleshooting and debugging problems with
roaming profiles and system policies on Windows NT 4.0 clients.
To enable logging:
1. Rename the file UserEnv.dll in the %systemroot%\SYSTEM32 directory to
UserEnv.old or to a unique name of your choice.
2. Copy the checked version of UserEnv.dll to the
%systemroot%\SYSTEM32 directory of the client machine that you want
to debug. The checked version of the UserEnv file must match the version
of the operating system and Service Pack installed on the client computer.
3. Start REGEDT32 and locate the following path:
4. Create a new value called UserEnvDebugLevel as a REG_DWORD type.
Assign the hex value 10002.
5. Reboot the computer.
Logging information will be recorded in the root directory of the C drive as
UserEnv.log. You can use Notepad to view the log file. A sample log is 

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