[Samba] windows 2003 authentification on SAMBA PDC

Omar Lopez Limonta pollo.es.pollo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 15:55:07 GMT 2006

2006/11/5, Cleber P. de Souza <cleberps at gmail.com>:

> Have you set this on the Linux box?

Yes i Have set dns records on Linux BOX i must put it on windows ?

> Have you put your samba server IP in the Wins Server list of your
> Windows 2003 R2?

> Maybe Windows 2003 R2 have some restriction for join a domain as that
> defined in max/min protocol on smb.conf and spnego. I'm not right
> about this.

I have wins right on my windows 2003 R2 , i read that windows 2003
need an windows 2000/2003 domain server to join , and samba creates a
windows NT 4.0 that is right ?

My other XP, and 2000 Clients join perfectly into my domain, but
windows 2003 R2 can join on it :S.

Any other thing to do, to join into my domain?

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