[Samba] Second SAMBA Server different NETBIOS alias and shares for ClearCase

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Wed May 31 23:20:10 GMT 2006

Hoferer, Patrick K. wrote:

>I have a SAMBA Server utilizing an LDAP backend for user authentication
>and it works great unless I use ClearCase. When ClearCase is used the
>compilation time for our code is slowed down to a crawl and the
>ClearCase application is rendered nearly useless. As a test fix my boss
>wants me to create a second SAMBA server to be used for only the
>ClearCase server. 
>I don't know if this will work, but I may be able to accomplish my task
>if I set the "os level" lower than my primary SAMBA server set the SID
>to the same as my existing server. I then change the "netbios alias" to
>"clearcase". I'll then add my views and vobs through either NFS or SANS
>client to the ClearCase SAMBA server. This way if a workstation using
>ClearCase needs  to use the \\clearcase\views share it will utilize the
>ClearCase SAMBA server not the primary server. All authentication should
>remain through my LDAP server since I did not change the SIDs for my
>server or user accounts.
>If this plan sound feasible please let me know. If it sounds like I may
>break my existing architecture let me know. If you have better
>suggestions I am looking for any help. 
>Thank you for your time,
>Patrick Hoferer
I don't think you're being very clear. In Windows terms, you log into a 
domain, not a server. It sounds like you want to maintain the same 
authentication but split an application off onto a different server to 
improve performance. However, it's not clear if you want to use Samba or 
NFS to share the files. I'm going to assume that the new server will be 
providing file services through Samba.

If you want the ClearCase server to use the same authentication, just 
make it a member server in your existing domain. Stop the ClearCase 
Samba shares on the old server and start them on the new one.

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