[Samba] Second SAMBA Server different NETBIOS alias and shares for ClearCase

Hoferer, Patrick K. Patrick.Hoferer at ngc.com
Wed May 31 21:38:34 GMT 2006

I have a SAMBA Server utilizing an LDAP backend for user authentication
and it works great unless I use ClearCase. When ClearCase is used the
compilation time for our code is slowed down to a crawl and the
ClearCase application is rendered nearly useless. As a test fix my boss
wants me to create a second SAMBA server to be used for only the
ClearCase server. 

I don't know if this will work, but I may be able to accomplish my task
if I set the "os level" lower than my primary SAMBA server set the SID
to the same as my existing server. I then change the "netbios alias" to
"clearcase". I'll then add my views and vobs through either NFS or SANS
client to the ClearCase SAMBA server. This way if a workstation using
ClearCase needs  to use the \\clearcase\views share it will utilize the
ClearCase SAMBA server not the primary server. All authentication should
remain through my LDAP server since I did not change the SIDs for my
server or user accounts.

If this plan sound feasible please let me know. If it sounds like I may
break my existing architecture let me know. If you have better
suggestions I am looking for any help. 

Thank you for your time,
Patrick Hoferer

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