[Samba] To setup a linux fileserver in Windows domain ....

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon May 29 15:59:20 GMT 2006

Sumesh_PK at Dell.com wrote:

>I am new to Linux Administration. I have requirement something like
>We have a Windows 2003 AD domain.All our clients are members of this
>domain. We have a windows based file server which has got 2 network
>interfaces - Thru one interface it serves files to all clients in domain
>(10.96.x.x.). 2nd interface is for any systems outside domain
>(192.168.X.X). From the domain clients we don't have to give any
>username and password to access the file server share, where as it is
>required for network. Fileserver is a member of domain too.
>Now we have decided to migrate the File server to RHEL 4. Could anyone
>help me out to have this exact setup with Linux OS. Any documents or
>tips? Is there any limitation if we change file server alone to Linux?
>Your help would be highly appreciated.
>Thanks in Advance
Transfer all your files to your new server before starting. Then rename
and restart your old file server and start up your new server.

Use SWAT to set up Samba. It has a wizard that will allow you to easily
configure your new server as a member server in your W2k3 domain. Give
your new server the same name as your old server. This will allow you to
avoid having to change anything on your clients.

With your file server as a member server, the user accounts should be
validated through the domain controller.  Again, using SWAT, set up the
shares with the same permissions as on the old server.

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