[Samba] To setup a linux fileserver in Windows domain ....

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Mon May 29 14:05:51 GMT 2006




29 maj 2006 kl. 15:34 skrev <Sumesh_PK at Dell.com> <Sumesh_PK at Dell.com>:

> I am new to Linux Administration. I have requirement something like
> below
> We have a Windows 2003 AD domain.All our clients are members of this
> domain. We have a windows based file server which has got 2 network
> interfaces - Thru one interface it serves files to all clients in  
> domain
> (10.96.x.x.). 2nd interface is for any systems outside domain
> (192.168.X.X). From the domain clients we don't have to give any
> username and password to access the file server share, where as it is
> required for network. Fileserver is a member of domain too.
> Now we have decided to migrate the File server to RHEL 4. Could anyone
> help me out to have this exact setup with Linux OS. Any documents or
> tips? Is there any limitation if we change file server alone to Linux?
> Your help would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks in Advance
> Sumesh
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