[Samba] Domain Admins

Golden Butler golden at cnt.org
Thu May 25 18:42:26 GMT 2006

Thanks Neil.  I did find some very useful info over at samba.org about 
this also.

-- Delamatrix

neil wrote:
>> Yes!  That was it.  Thanks a lot.
>> But now I'm curious.  So if I wanted to map my unix "users" group to 
>> "Domain Users", what rid would I use, or does it matter?
> <snip>
> I think it does matter, if you check out the samba documentation you 
> will see that Domain Users has the well known rid of 513 so your net 
> command would be something like:
> net groupmap modify unixgroup=users type=domain ntgroup="Domain Users"
> Obviously you need to replace "users" with the name of your local 
> users group if it is different.
> If you have to create the nt group from scratch you don't need to 
> specify a rid unless you want to but I've found that setting the group 
> type to domain seems to make setting group privileges on windows 
> workstations work correctly.
> Neil
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> email: neil at neologix.net

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