[Samba] Domain Admins

neil neil at neologix.com.au
Thu May 25 04:42:43 GMT 2006

> Yes!  That was it.  Thanks a lot.
> But now I'm curious.  So if I wanted to map my unix "users" group to 
> "Domain Users", what rid would I use, or does it matter?

I think it does matter, if you check out the samba documentation you 
will see that Domain Users has the well known rid of 513 so your net 
command would be something like:

net groupmap modify unixgroup=users type=domain ntgroup="Domain Users"

Obviously you need to replace "users" with the name of your local users 
group if it is different.

If you have to create the nt group from scratch you don't need to 
specify a rid unless you want to but I've found that setting the group 
type to domain seems to make setting group privileges on windows 
workstations work correctly.

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