[Samba] multiple sids

Greg Andrews andrews at rgt.com.au
Wed May 24 10:24:10 GMT 2006

Hello All,

I have a small issue which , whilst right now is not too much of an issue,
will come back to haunt me unless I can sort it out.

System samba 3.05 on redhat 9
running as a pdc

It is  that in samba 3.05 I have multiple sids for "Domain Users"


Domain Users ->  < S- "alotofnumbers" - 513 >  -> -1

but also have

Domain Users ->  <S- "alotofnumbers" -1601>  -> ebody

Now the "alotofnumbers"  are indentical except for the last few digits  ie
1601 and 513 and the unixgroup ebody is correct.
I also have a sneaking suspicion that the one which ends in 513 is the
"correct" one as domain admins and domain guests end in 512 and 514

I have tried

net  groupmap delete ntgroup="Domain users"

and this says it has successfully removed the Domain Users group

I then ran net groupmap cleanup

then net groupmap list.

Guess what ( rhetoric of course )

net group list still shows the two Domain Users groups.

I can however add a new group and delete it quite happily

Effectively this means that I cannot grant local admin rights to the
Domain Users group, which is something that I really need to be able to

So the question is

1. How do I remove the unwanted entry/ies  ?
2. What file keeps track of these group entries in samba 3.05 and can I
edit/trash  it directly and/or start it again  ? With what reprecussions ?
3. What is likely to have caused this little hiccup ( as it has worked in
the past quite nicely)  so that I might try and avoid it in the future.

Is it something that I have done ?  Silly question really as I am the only
one who has access to it, but I would love to know what I did to could
cause such a problem. The real problem I have is that it is a "live"
system spread over 3 sites geographically separated by some distance

Any and all assistance gratefully accepted


Greg Andrews
System Manager
RGTechnologies Pty Ltd
606 Skipton Street
Ballarat 3350
613 53363603
0417 511 731
andrews at rgt.com.au

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