[Samba] help needed: connecting with similar windows-unix usernames?

Amit Zvigoren amitz at systematics.co.il
Wed May 24 05:54:42 GMT 2006

Hello all samba'ers
I'm trying to configure samba for Windows (active-directory)
authentication, with every Windows-user having a similar unix username.
I've created the users in both sides but I couldn't configure the
smb.conf file (either with or without SWAT) to make it work.
I'm using XP clients with a Win2K3 as the domain server and Solaris 9 as
the samba server.
Everything works fine when I use the 'security = share' option so I
believe the physical connection is ok.
1. Do I actually need to use 'security = user', or should I use
'security = server"?
2. I've created the smbpasswd(5) file and edited it with smbpasswd(8),
and synchronized users+passwords with the relevant ones at /etc/passwd
and /etc/shadow. Do I actually need the smbpasswd(5)?
3. Is it feasible without using winbind?
4. Does any of you have some smb.conf sample for connecting using
similar windows-unix usernames?
5. Do I need to use the 'username map' option even if the usernames are
Here is a part of the [global] section at my smb.conf, each line
suffiixed (here, not actually in the file itself) with my description:
workgroup = GIS                    ' windows workgroup to 'contain' the
samba server
null passwords = yes              ' preferred, not a must
valid users = minhal, +pcgis    ' pcgis is a group on unix. am I right?
or does this parameter meant to be for windows groups?
write list = minhal                  ' this user should have
write-permission on shared directories regardless of their mode
Here is another section of my smb.conf for defining a samba share:
path = /home1
read only = no
guest ok = yes     ' not necessary, just for the test
Now what am I missing? what have I done wrong?
Thanks and regards,
Amit Zvigoren
Systematics Technologies

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