[Samba] I need your help about Microsoft pleaseeeee

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Tue May 23 15:32:37 GMT 2006

On 5/16/2006 4:26 PM, William Tran wrote:
> Dear JimCould you please help me out with a couple questions here ? 1. Which Administrative tool would you use to manage a user account in Active Directory ? 2. Define roaming profile and its advantages ?3. With administrator rights , how can you access a user's hard drive from your workstation without the use of shared folders ?  Thanks alot in advance. Best Regards, W Tran
Did you REALLY mean to post this in the Samba forum? If not, then I hope
I've done you a favor by alerting you that your message did not reach
the intended recipient.

This looks like you are asking us to do your homework for you. We won't.
Do your own research, you might learn something useful.

You have made other errors in your post:

1. Your subject line does not describe the problem accurately (it
indicates the YOU have the problem, not your Samba installation)
2. Your questions have nothing to do with Samba, per se. They can, I'm
sure, be answered by properly formatted Web searches or by reading
Microsoft Windows Administration texts.
3. Your message is poorly formatted. Judicious use of white space (hint:
use a few carriage returns) is a good thing.

Best of luck to you on your exams.

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