[Samba] Samba Print Problem (Everything Looks Right)

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue May 23 00:12:20 GMT 2006

> [print$]
> 	guest ok = no

Try 'guest ok = yes' - otherwise any slight change in credentials will
block access to the print$ share - and anyway, it shouldn't matter if
an unauthorised user can copy your driver files ;-)

> In fact, when I double-click to open the printer, it does connect and 
> give me a print-queue window.  It's only when I trying to bring up
> the properties for that printer that it tells me no driver is
> installed and asks if I want to search for one.

This is the classic scenario of 'the driver was never originally
installed' - I don't know if you can successfully install it from here,
I've always deleted the locally installed printer and then gone back to
the server and double-clicked on the printer again.

> However, even if I say "no", the properties dialog does come up (just 
> the print queue settings -- no printer driver options) and I can 
> successfully print a test page.

Yes, Windows will display the standard pages that aren't driver
specific.  That's odd that you can print a test page though.

> So...  What am I missing?

Did you install the PostScript driver or the CUPS driver?  From your
last post it looks like both are installed at the same time - but as
I've never used the CUPS driver, that might be normal.  Although it
could explain why you were able to print (via one driver) but not
display the properties (problem with the other driver.)

When you double-click on the printer on the server (assuming it's not
installed locally) that's when it tries to copy the driver across.
What happens when you do this?


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