[Samba] Samba/DLAP Howto

Mark Sarria mes4294 at lausd.k12.ca.us
Mon May 22 21:42:16 GMT 2006

Here is a link to a pretty good one. It is for k12, but the idea is the same
for any environment. 


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Newbie here...wanting to implement and test Samba (current version, 3.0.22)
as a PDC
on LDAP backend.

I'm looking for a good how to.

I've already looked at Ignacio Coupeau, CTI, University of Navarra and
the IDEALX stuff and find them wanting. (Three passes attempting to
make the IDEALX stuff work were a bust...but perhaps that just says more
about my skills than IDEALX's how to...)

"The Official Samba-3" Howto book is even lighter.

I'd prefer a pretty step-by-step how-to, that doesn't assume I know
much at all.

All are confusing to me. Perhaps I'm just too lazy, but I don't think
that's all...

Is there a native english speaker who has done a recent and
comprehensive how to? Is there one somewhere on the Samba site I'm not
aware of?

If one doesn't exist, I'd be glad to assist in doing one. I'd like a tech
guru to review it and make suggestions so I don't produce a piece
of crap that's useless to anyone else.

Again, I'd prefer a pretty step-by-step how-to, that doesn't assume I know
much at all.

That's also the target output I'll use to create my how-to, should it
be a useful thing to others.

One further question. Is FC5 a decent platform to do this on, or is
there something better, like say CentOS?

The eventual target environment is mainly small business (<100 users)
work-group servers.


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