[Samba] Errors accessing smbfs share after upgrade to redhat ES4.0

alok kumar alok66 at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 16:48:20 GMT 2006

I used to mount following share using samba client on
RHEL 3.0 without any problems. Then I installed ES4.0
and I started seeing problems with these samba shares.
I have following line in fstab to mount the share : 
//bizgroup/wli1   /wli1   smbfs  
 0 0 

and /etc/samba/.smbpassword   contains following 
and when I mount one of these file systems, I see
following lines in messages file :- 
May  4 10:34:20 beatest4 kernel: smb_add_request:
request [f69b9080, mid=0] timed out! 
May  4 10:34:20 beatest4 kernel: smb_delete_inode:
could not close inode 2 
May  4 10:34:20 beatest4 mount.smbfs[2133]:
[2006/05/04 10:34:20, 0]
May  4 10:34:20 beatest4 mount.smbfs[2133]:  
mount.smbfs: entering daemon mode for service
\\bizgroup\wli1, pid=2133 
May  4 10:34:20 beatest4 kernel: smb_retry: no
connection process 
and after that it mounts the file system. Once I start
my application processes, I see more of these errors.
It gives errors and works intermittently. 

I checked online forums and found that I should use
cifs instead of smbfs. When I use cifs to mount a
share, it is mounted without any error. But when I try
to run 'ls' command it gives me "Input/output error".

[root at beatest4 ~]# mount -t cifs //bizprod/wli1
/wli1 -o
[root at beatest4 ~]# ls -l /wli1
ls: reading directory /wli1: Input/output error
total 0

If I try to run
[root at beatest4 ~]# cd /wli1/wlitest2
[root at beatest4 wlitest2]# pwd

It works fine. But if you do ls again
[root at beatest4 wlitest2]# ls

It gives you the current directory name.

I even tried to copy files on this share. No errors.
But again there is no way to list them. If you know
the file name you can even cat a file.

Samba rpm installed

cifs.ko version 1.34
mount.cifs version 1.8

Please help.


Alok Kumar

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