[Samba] problem printer driver on Windows XP

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon May 22 16:39:58 GMT 2006

Stijn De Doncker wrote:

> We have a strange problem with some printers on a Windows XP host:
> When we print a testpage from the linux server (RedHat 8), there's no 
> problem.  But when we configure the printer on our Windows XP client 
> and we want to print a testpage: nothing happens and we get the 
> "windows troubleshooter".  When we print a Word document to the same 
> printer on the same Windows XP client, the printjob comes out the 
> printer.
> Anyone an idea?
> Thx,
> Stijn
I've noticed that some printers are finicky about what they get. This 
usually has to do with trying to print outside of the printer's 
printable area. The Windows test page usually doesn't push the boundary 
the way the CUPS test page does, but it is possible if the default print 
form is wrong.

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