[Samba] sharing a printer

RaSca rascasoft at tiscali.it
Fri May 19 13:34:13 GMT 2006

Ivan Ricotti ha scritto:
> Hello guys,
> "use client driver = yes" helps because I have no more "access denied" errors,
> unfortunately the printers does not print! :(
>>From Windows clients the printer is still "paused" (I see that when I try to
> print a document and I have to select the printer). When I send a document to
> the printer no process appears in the print queue and no data arrive to the
> printer (the printer's led does not blink).
> I tried to add AllowUser in printers.conf but... no way out.

This seems to be a Cups problem. I not sure but there should be another 
options in the cups configuration file wich is used to grant the access 
to local printers by network hosts and IPS.
Check out the man page of cups to see a way to grant access to all, 
then, once the printer begin to work, you can understand what options 
are used to set permissions.


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