[Samba] sharing a printer

Ivan Ricotti ivan at elabor.homelinux.org
Fri May 19 13:08:41 GMT 2006

Hello guys,

"use client driver = yes" helps because I have no more "access denied" errors,
unfortunately the printers does not print! :(

>From Windows clients the printer is still "paused" (I see that when I try to
print a document and I have to select the printer). When I send a document to
the printer no process appears in the print queue and no data arrive to the
printer (the printer's led does not blink).

I tried to add AllowUser in printers.conf but... no way out.

Any ideas?
Thank you very much,

Adam Williams wrote:
> add "use client driver = yes" to get rid of the access denied error.
> Ivan Ricotti wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I installed a Samsung ML-1610 on CUPS and on my linux server the
>> printer do its
>> work fine. Now I'm trying to share the printer on my local network
>> (windows home
>> edition clients).
>> My smb.conf:
>> [samsung]
>>         comment = Samsung ML-1610
>>         path = /tmp
>>         guest ok = Yes
>>         printable = Yes
>>         printer name = Samsung ML-1610
>> When I install the printer on the windows client all seems ok (my
>> workgroup it's
>> ok, I browse the workgroup and I find the printer, I installed the
>> driver) but I
>> can't print! :(
>> The printer status is always "paused" and when I try to access to the
>> printer
>> from the control panel it says: "access denied".
>> Any hint?
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Ivan

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