[Samba] hp officejet 9130 and samba

Gerard Veneman (VANDEBOUW) gerard at vandebouw.nl
Tue May 16 13:15:23 GMT 2006

Dear samba.org,


In your archives I found the the following thread.




Gerald (Jerry) Carter
20and%20samba&In-Reply-To=43460B9D.5080203%40kwnet.at> jerry at samba.org 
Fri Oct 7 11:51:43 GMT 2005 

kurt weiss wrote:
| we're using an hp officejet 9130 (all in one printer/scanner), wich has
| the possibility to store scans on a network share (smb).
| path, username and password are checked on a workstation and are ok.
| the printer has full access to the network.
| unfortunally samba denies access:
| <snip filename="log.smbd">
| [2005/10/06 14:46:22, 0] smbd/negprot.c:reply_negprot(557)
|   No protocol supported !
| </snip>
| in smb.conf we'd defined the max protocol as LANMAN2
| on the printer we've tested following options:
| allways the same message.
Can you send me an ethereal trace of the failure?
cheers, jerry


After this, the thread dies.


Now I'm having almost the same problem. In log.smbd I get:



make_connection: refusing to connect with no session setup


Although I created a machine account in my samba PDC for the officejet, I
suspect it doesn't authenticate this way (Domain security).


Do you have any ideas how I can get the 'scan to folder'-feature of the
officejet to work with samba as PDC?


Kind regards,

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