[Samba] Everything but [Homes] works

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon May 15 23:43:07 GMT 2006

>          valid users = %S
>          write list = %S
>          read only = yes

You'll probably need "read only = no", or what I believe is more
intuitive, "writable = yes" followed by the "write list" option.
You'll probably want to double check this, but as far as I'm aware the
existence of a "write list" option by definition forces anyone who's
not in the write list to have read-only access.  The "valid users"
option will force anyone not in that list to get no access at all.  I'm
not sure what effect it has by saying "these users have write access, oh
but the share is read only, so don't give anyone write access."

> I also changed the mapping in smbuser:
> stephen = TOTALFLOOD/scarville

That might've confused things, because now it's like doing a search and
replace, so anywhere TOTALFLOOD/scarville shows up, it'll be replaced
by "stephen" before parsing smb.conf.  I assume this would also change
the meaning of %U and %S.

> I can now see and open all the shares which is the good news.  The
> bad news is that my home directory cannot be accessed by scarville --
> my windows username -- but only by my Unix username stephen.  If I
> try to open it as //file-cabinet/scarville:
> 2006/05/15 06:44:55, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(798)
>    pellucidar ( couldn't find service scarville
> but as //file-cabinet/stephen it works.

Yes, because connecting as TOTALFLOOD/scarville would cause Samba to
chop off the domain name and create a share called 'scarville', but I'm
guessing that because of your username mapping, TOTALFLOOD/scarville is
being changed to 'stephen' before Samba sees it, so you're effectively
connecting as the user 'stephen', which causes Samba to create your
home directory as 'stephen' too - Samba is no longer seeing 'scarville'
anywhere because the username map is replacing every occurrence of it
with 'stephen'.

> So, apparently, a logon script entry like "net use z:
> \\file-cabinet\%u" will not work unless the UNIX and windows
> usernames are the same.

Does "net use z: /home" work?  ...assuming you've configured the user's
home directory on the domain server.

> There are only a few persons in the shop whose UNIX and Windows
> username are different but, unfortunately, one of them is the VP of
> IT who will bitch incessantly about the "inconvenience".  Not
> entirely unjustified since it worked under 2.2.

Well if nothing else, you could always create a couple of extra shares
for those users whose names are different - a bit messy yes, but at
least it'll work.


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