[Samba] Everything but [Homes] works

Stephen Carville effcee at heronforge.net
Mon May 15 14:18:17 GMT 2006

Based on suggestions here and elsewhere I've made some changes.  First 
to [homes]:

         comment = Home Directory
         path = /export/private/%U
         hide dot files = yes
         valid users = %S
         write list = %S
         read only = yes
         browseable = No

I also changed the mapping in smbuser:

stephen = TOTALFLOOD/scarville

I can now see and open all the shares which is the good news.  The bad 
news is that my home directory cannot be accessed by scarville -- my 
windows username -- but only by my Unix username stephen.  If I try to 
open it as //file-cabinet/scarville:

2006/05/15 06:44:55, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(798)
   pellucidar ( couldn't find service scarville

but as //file-cabinet/stephen it works.

So, apparently, a logon script entry like "net use z: \\file-cabinet\%u" 
will not work unless the UNIX and windows usernames are the same.

There are only a few persons in the shop whose UNIX and Windows username 
are different but, unfortunately, one of them is the VP of IT who will 
bitch incessantly about the "inconvenience".  Not entirely unjustified 
since it worked under 2.2.

Maybe I should just downgrade...


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