[Samba] XP needs to rejoin after ldap problem

Listas listas at opendf.com.br
Mon May 15 18:20:17 GMT 2006

       Hi Everybody,

Here in my company we have migrated from nt4 to Debian Sarge with Samba
3.0.14a + OpenLdap 2.2.23 + db4.

Well, it's working fine except for one problem. When I have to get back
to a backup copy on my ldap slaves on my BDCs some, or sometimes all,
Windows XP machines need to be rejoined to the domain.

I manage a workaround stopping Samba every time I need to reset the ldap
slave. But it happens to the ldap slave to fail at night and at morning
when we solve the problem, even stopping Samba, the XP need to be rejoined.

Is this a common issue? Or is there anything we can do to solve the problem?

This was problem number 1.

Another issue is when some of my BDCs have problems, because of ldap
failures, the clients over that WAN connection, without their local BDC,
aren't connecting on my PDC over the WAN. What can be done to solve this
other problem?

Any help would be great.

My best regards,

Gustavo Lima

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