[Samba] Everything but [Homes] works

Stephen Carville effcee at heronforge.net
Mon May 15 15:27:46 GMT 2006

scott wrote:
> I had a similar problem when adding a domain member server.  I wanted
> to move the homes directory from my samba pdc to the dms.  I seem to
> remember reading somewhere that the [homes] pulls path from
> /etc/passwd.  When you do a 'getent passwd', do you see the path that
> you expect for the home directories?  At first, I did not see the
> home directories that I expected.  My home paths are
> /home/u/<username>.  I had to add the following global option:
> template homedir= /home/u/%u
> Hope this helps.

$ getent passwd |grep scarville


I even tried creating home directories in /home/TOTALFLOOD but that 
didn't work either.

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