[Samba] Problem with adding printer drivers in Windows XP

chris at anders.net.au chris at anders.net.au
Thu May 11 14:18:10 GMT 2006

Hi Tom,

I too am in the same boat as you!

I have posted a few times about the problem which in the end has made 
me setup a
dedicated print server at each site using samba 3.0.10 with the printer admin
definition to make uploading printer drivers happen!

The strange thing i have found from it all is that some of my sites have
magically worked while others just dont want to work at all... :(

if you find out a solution please let me know

--Chris Anders

Quoting Tom <savagephp at gmail.com>:

> Well, all the below tests succeeded without changing anything but I 
> still cannot upload drivers from WinXP. One thing I did notice 
> though, is that I cannot 'su' to a domain user; ie: 'su 
> SAVAGEPHP\\administrator' fails with the message: Unknown id: 
> SAVAGEPHP\administrator. Any thoughts on that?
> Thanks.
> Martin Zielinski wrote:
>> Hi Tom!
>> You need appropriate rights on the windows- and the unix-side.
>> To find out, if you're facing a problem with the unix-rights
>> (which is often the problem), you could try this:
>> 1. Log in directly to the drivers share and
>> create or delete some files in the W32X86 directory.
>> On Windows:
>> start -> execute -> \\nightwolf\print$
>> On Linux:
>> smbclient \\\\nightwolf\\print$ -U 'administrator%password'
>> If this succeeds ... you should be able to add drivers, too.
>> 2. Find out on the samba server which unix-user-id is used by the smbd:
>>  > smbstatus
>> Samba version 3.0.20b
>> PID     Username      Group         Machine
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> 14293   SAVAGEPHP\administrator  SAVAGEPHP\domänen-benutzer  martin  
>>  (
>> Service      pid     machine       Connected at
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> print$       14293   martin        Thu May 11 08:41:56 2006
>> 3. Become this user on the samba server (as root):
>>  > su SAVAGEPHP\\administrator
>>  > cd /var/lib/samba/drivers/W32x86
>>  > mkdir xxx
>> 4. If you have a "unix-rights-problem" this does not succeed.
>> Check your directory settings (also have a look at the "W32X86/2" 
>> and "W32X86/3" directory.
>> Hope that helps
>> ~ Martin
>> Tom wrote:
>>> I know this question has been asked quite a few times from the 
>>> archive, but nothing in the previous posts seems to help my setup. 
>>> I currently have samba 3.0.21c running on Slackware with CUPS as 
>>> the printing conduit. It's setup as a PDC as can be seen from the 
>>> smb.conf file below. I cannot, no matter what I've tried, get the 
>>> server to allow me to add printer drivers to a printer through the 
>>> printer properties dialog box. I've given myself the 
>>> SePrintOperatorPrivilege rights but that didn't work. I tried 
>>> putting the 'printer admin' directive in the smb.conf file and that 
>>> didn't work; I know it's deprecated but thought I'd try anyway. Any 
>>> suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I've been on IRC 
>>> several times trying to figure this out with no success. I've also 
>>> tried logging in as 'root' and 'administrator' neither of which 
>>> work; my /etc/samba/smbusers contains a line: 'root = 
>>> Administrator'.
>>> Configuration files are attached. If any other information is 
>>> needed I will gladly supply it.
>>> Thank you.
>>> Tom
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