[Samba] Best way to Upgrade Samba 3.014a

Dennis B. Hopp dhopp at coreps.com
Wed May 10 18:00:00 GMT 2006

On Wed, 10 May 2006 13:20:32 -0400, daniel arjona <arjonad at genco.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have Samba  3.014a-Debian in a server Debian 3.1 Release 1 Sarge.  The
> performance is pretty poor.
> My  LAN is running at 100mbits/sec. So even at 4 feet from the server I'm
> getting slow responses on my windoze 2000 pro computer from samba. It
> takes
> an eternity to copy files from one place to the other.  Also, I have
> several error messages and files corruption.

Samba may not be completely to blame.  A little more information would be helpful.  How many users does this server handle?  How many of those users are concurrent?  What type of files are generally stored (small text files, office documents, large multimedia files, etc.)?  What are the server specs (CPU, RAM, Disks)?  Are the Disks Mirrored, RAID 5, etc.?  What is the server sitting at CPU/Memory usage wise?

> Could anybody tell me how to upgrade Samba?  I do not want to have new
> issues on my server.  Give me the best way to do it?

Did you compile samba by hand or did you use a .deb pkg?  I would backup the configs and the /usr/lib/samba directory first.  If you compiled it by hand, just grab the new source, recompile it (with the same options you used the first time) and put the binaries in the appropriate location.  If you use a .deb pkg, I would imagine you can use an update version and just update the package.


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