[Samba] Samba drive errors

Chad Lathe chad at nonstatement.com
Tue May 9 20:28:46 GMT 2006

I migrated from Slackware 10 to Fedora Core 5,
 and I cannot seem to get samba configured correctly. 
When I connect via my OS X machine to the shared
 directory with no drive mounted to it, I connect fine.
I have permission errors when I try to write to it, which 
leads me to believe that i have smb.conf 
set correctly for login. I have changed the owner
 to the SMB user that I added via smbpasswd -a.
I also ran an adduser and smbpasswd -e (user),
 as well as chmod 777  . When i try mounting a 
filesystem to the home directory for that user, I
 cannot connect, and get an error -43. The disk was 
running fine under slackware, what am I doing 
wrong this time?


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