[Samba] Samba on 3.0.22 on HP-UX 11i - mon.out?

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Tue May 9 20:23:48 GMT 2006

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Found out since -- this was as a result of the configure script
accidentally picking up -fPIE/-pie as a valid option with HP AnsiC (it
is not, but the failure is a warning instead of an error, so the script
exits 0). When I do --disable-pie, this problem goes away as well. I'm
guessing the -pie to the linker may be getting interpreted as -p, which
turns on the profile data.

This is the problem I had written about as an aside with the subject
"3.0.23pre1 does not compile on HP-UX 11i".

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Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 10:38:20AM -0400, Ryan Novosielski wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> After a long hiatus from attention to Samba, I've started to compile the
>> latest version (3.0.22) on HP-UX 11i for testing. I've noticed a couple
>> of things.
>> 1) For some reason, on my test system, every execution of any program
>> that comes in the Samba suite drops "mon.out" files everyplace.
>> Everything I can find about this says that it's something to do with
>> library locations and related to "prof" -- not sure what that is. Anyone
>> else having this problem?
> I'm guessing you're compiling with profiling turned on. Check your
> compiler flags.
> Jeremy.
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