[Samba] Servers disappear from Network neighborhood

Larry McElderry larry at ptcoupling.com
Tue May 9 20:23:55 GMT 2006

I had (and still do, really) a similar problem.  Has to do with nmb failing to respond.  When they disappear, try running
"smbcontrol nmbd ping" on the samba server and see if it responds with pong.

I have not yet figured out why nmbd stops responding.  The error logs have offered no clue.  BTW, samba is running on SuSe SLES 9.


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I am using Samba-PDC-LDAP with samba-3.0.20b-1.  On my file servers I am
using samba-3.0.10-1.4.
I'm not sure exactly what is happening but every couple of weeks the
file servers disappear form network neighborhood.  I checked browstat on
my Windows system and it points to my PDC as the master browser and I
checked the wins.dat file on my PDC and the systems were there.  I did
not check the browse.dat file before correcting this latest problem (by
restarting the nmbd service on the systems in question).  Is there a
relationship between samba versions and systems dropping out of network
neighborhood?  What does this indicate when a system drops out of
network neighborhood, is it not reporting correctly to the master browser?
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