[Samba] pls pay attention to this (How to hold print jobs )

Indunil Jayasooriya indunil75 at gmail.com
Tue May 9 10:13:50 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I installed cups and samba on redhat 9. Printer has been attached to the
linux box . We can print from the linux box. We can print from windows
clients too.  But My problem is that when we print from windows, printer
starts printing. But  I want to hold print jobs instead. Then I want to go
to cups web interface and release jobs. How can I do it? This is urgent. Pls
let me know as soon as possible.

I found the below lines in /etc/samba/smb.conf

print command = echo %J %p %s  >>  /tmp/junkJ;\
                       a="`echo '%J' | sed "s/^.*- //"`" ;\
                       echo This is truncated $a >> /tmp/junkJ;\
                      lpr -P %p  -J"$a"  %s -o raw -o
                      rm %s

       lpq command = lpq -P%p
       lprm command = echo 'cant cancel' > /dev/null

do you understand these?

pls help me

Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya

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