[Samba] How to Change samba's PW from XP

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Sun May 7 05:27:39 GMT 2006

jayb wrote:

>I could really use a quick yes/no answer here. If answer yes
>a pointer to a Howto. 
>I have a samba based file server running in workgroup mode with
>security = user 
>XP User authentication is managed by a separate LDAP server.
>Is there a way from within XP such as  command utility, anything, I could use to
>update the samba server's password?
>RIght now, it a manual excerise to update the samba server password everytime the
>user changes his/her password.
>I see this question asked a lot but I just can't seem to fine an answer.
>When working as a PDC, what mechanism is used to update the user's password then?
You should be able to change the password as per normal Windows usage if 
Samba is using the LDAP server.

Password setting seems to be a two-step process. Firstly, Samba updates 
its password then it uses a script to run the local passwd program to 
change the local Linux/Unix password. If either fails, the password is 
not updated (as far as I can tell).

Samba uses "expect" to test the prompts from passwd to feed it the 
password and confirm completion.
I ran into a problem with this when my smb.conf password script didn't 
match what my passwd program was sending out, preventing me from 
changing password from Windows. :)

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