[Samba] How to Change samba's PW from XP

jayb jbk at paragonsys.com
Sun May 7 03:25:00 GMT 2006

I could really use a quick yes/no answer here. If answer yes
a pointer to a Howto. 
I have a samba based file server running in workgroup mode with
security = user 
XP User authentication is managed by a separate LDAP server.
Is there a way from within XP such as  command utility, anything, I could use to
update the samba server's password?
RIght now, it a manual excerise to update the samba server password everytime the
user changes his/her password.
I see this question asked a lot but I just can't seem to fine an answer.
When working as a PDC, what mechanism is used to update the user's password then?

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