[Samba] YDL/RedHat and Samba Control

William Howard ydlnb at aess.com
Thu May 4 16:57:45 GMT 2006

ain)... Using YellowDogLinux 4.1 on a Macintosh B&W modified. This 
system contains two hard drives, both ATA. Installed YDL, everything 
working fine.

I'm looking to explore using this machine with Samba to share files and 
other services on a mixed LAN, and I've been trying to follow the "By 
Example" portion of Samba's site, but not all the instructions are 
matching. In the Samba instructions, the example provided instructed to 
format the additional hard drive, create a folder in root (/plans), then 
a confusing instruction:

"Use Red Hat Linux system tools (refer to Red Hat instructions) to 
format the 160GB hard drive with a suitable file system. An Ext3 file 
system is suitable. Configure this drive to automatically mount using 
the /plans directory as the mount point."

I haven't been able to find a disk formatter, and then, I need to 
determine which drive the Linux system is installed on. I also haven't 
found where to configure the mount point... Can anyone shed some light 
on this?

Thank you in advance... I'm looking forward to really exploring and 
learning Samba.


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