[Samba] Samba file server -- samba domain join problem

Anthony Linux anthony.linux at gmail.com
Thu May 4 12:38:46 GMT 2006

I recently upgraded a network to FC3 from RH9 (I know, I know, behind the

The network is small: one PDC, one file server.  The PDC (Samba, LDAP, DNS,
DHCP all on FC3) is running fine.  Seamless between linux logins and windows
XP.  Users can log in, see the shares, mount drives.

The second file server is just going to be an NFS and Samba server.  The
plan is to use security=domain and share everything the same way the PDC

Two problems:  first, it did not want to join the domain.  I kept trying
"net rpc join", it prompts for a password and tells me the password is
incorrect.  I checked the logs and it said something about not allowing
NTLMv1 for root.  So I set "client ntlmv2 auth = yes" and it allowed me to
join the domain.

So far so good, right?

When I try to open the share it prompts for a username and password.  When I
type valid ones in, it rejects them and upgrades their bad password count
(so the PDC is seeing an attempt to access the share).  The log files only
say NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD for the user account.

I have looked through the HOWTO and searched google, but can't seem to find
anything on this.  Sad thing is, I remember this being really, really easy
the last time I did it.

Any ideas?

my simplified smb.conf (I have tried many other options like wins settings
to no avail).

password server = MYPDC
ntlmv2 client auth = yes
encrypt passwords = yes

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