[Samba] XFS Group Quotas Revisited

Andres Tarallo tarallo at ort.edu.uy
Tue May 2 16:43:22 GMT 2006

I thiink that you should make an entry in the Samba Bugzilla.



andy liebman wrote:
> I wrote into the list a few days ago about XFS Group Quotas not
> working in Samba 3.0.21c and 3.0.22.  I have confirmed that if I
> uninstall 3.0.22 and reinstall 3.0.13, when I change an XFS group
> quota on Linux and mount a share that belongs to that group, if I look
> at the "Properties" for that share in Windows, Windows tells me that
> the "size" of the share is equal to the GROUP QUOTA that was set --
> i.e., 200 GB. That is the desired behavior.
> If I switch back to 3.0.22, Windows tells me in the "Properties" for
> the share that the size of the share is equal to the size of the
> PHYSICAL VOLUME (in this case, 4.4 TB).
> What can I do to help you track down the source of this problem? Is
> there a workaround?  It doesn't seem as though this is the same
> problem that was reported earlier about LVM and XFS and Quotas.
> Regards,
> Andy Liebman

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