[Samba] Having problems adding a print driver via rpcclient

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Mon Mar 27 22:40:39 GMT 2006


I have an old printer server running Samba v2.2.7.  It's due to be 
phased out this summer, but in the mean time I need to add a new print 
driver.  In order to capture the list of files, I ran the command:

make_printerdef hp4100p6.inf "HP LaserJet 4100 PCL 6" > files.def

Only 6 of the required files were not already installed in the driver 
directory, and so I added just those 6 files.

I then tried the command "rpcclient  socrates -U <user>%<pwd> -c 
"adddriver  '`cat files.def`'".  The response is:

Usage: adddriver <Environment>\
        <Long Printer Name>:<Driver File Name>:<Data File Name>:\
        <Config File Name>:<Help File Name>:<Language Monitor Name>:\
        <Default Data Type>:<Comma Separated list of Files>

I'm assuming that the problem is the "<Environment>", but I have no idea 
what I need to put there.

Can anybody help me out here?



Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR

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