[Samba] Linux box talks to XP Pro, XP Pro permissions denied on LinuxBox

Michael Munger michael at highpoweredhelp.com
Sat Mar 25 08:10:55 GMT 2006

My linux box can see, browse, and copy files from an XP Share. However, when
I try to access the box either via its network name (\\linuxbox
<file:///\\linuxbox> ) or by ip address (\\
<file:///\\> ) Windows shows me an error stating I don't have
permissions to access the resource.


I have been through the HowTo, and the Troubleshooting section of the Sam's
book recommended in the docs section of samba.org. No firewall problems,
machines see each other fine. Network names resolve, subnet is fine, etc.


What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


Michael Munger


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