[Samba] Dos client samba

Knut Erik Strand knuters at stud.ntnu.no
Fri Mar 24 16:02:27 GMT 2006

Just a question from an archaic person who up to now has used Word Perfect
5.0 (WP 5.0).  
Just now I'm slowly moving from WP 5.0 to OpenOffice with Corel from 1999
as a neccesarry transformer. 
I'm still using Windows as the platform, and their latest version XP at
least let me read WP.5.0 in their "C\:"...

But: If I one day take the full step into Open Source, that means also a
Linux-related platform, then I probably will ned Samba as a "mediator"
between DOS and this platform, so I will have the possibility to read WP
5.0 in Linux. Is this idea right? And will Sesam manage to read the old WP
5.0 program and convert it to the Linux platform?


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