[Samba] Re: Curious Question

Matt H. scholar at quackbuffoon.com
Sat Mar 18 07:20:09 GMT 2006

Nevermind, I withdraw the question. I thought 'hosts allow' and 'hosts
deny' were global variables only. I found out by experimentation that
they can be applied to directories as well, so that answers that.
Sorry to sound like such a newbie but, I've only been playing around
with linux for about a week now. Thanks for all your help.

>   Thanks for the help on this mailing list, I now have my personal
> home server allowing access without having to actually enter any login
> information. All I had to do was set it to anonymous server and use
> the 'hosts allow' parameter so that only my home machines can access
> it.

> However, now I'm curious. This will probably sound like the same
> question I just asked on here but, would it be possible to assign an
> ip address to a specific user account? For example, at home I have a
> desktop computer and a laptop computer. As well as the server running
> samba. Let's say I had two file shares on the server /var/desktop and
> /var/laptop. Would I be able to configure samba so that it looks at
> the ip address of the computer requesting access and only showed the
> appropriate share? So when I access my server from my laptop I would
> only see the /var/laptop share, and vice versa with the desktop?
> Again, without having to enter any username or password? This is mere
> curiosity on my part. Hypothetical question for future reference.

 Matt                            mailto:scholar at quackbuffoon.com

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