[Samba] Curious Question

Matt H. scholar at quackbuffoon.com
Sat Mar 18 04:53:25 GMT 2006

  Thanks for the help on this mailing list, I now have my personal
home server allowing access without having to actually enter any login
information. All I had to do was set it to anonymous server and use
the 'hosts allow' parameter so that only my home machines can access

However, now I'm curious. This will probably sound like the same
question I just asked on here but, would it be possible to assign an
ip address to a specific user account? For example, at home I have a
desktop computer and a laptop computer. As well as the server running
samba. Let's say I had two file shares on the server /var/desktop and
/var/laptop. Would I be able to configure samba so that it looks at
the ip address of the computer requesting access and only showed the
appropriate share? So when I access my server from my laptop I would
only see the /var/laptop share, and vice versa with the desktop?
Again, without having to enter any username or password? This is mere
curiosity on my part. Hypothetical question for future reference.

 Matt                          mailto:scholar at quackbuffoon.com

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