[Samba] how to manage 3000 Samba Connection

dbm0572 dbm0572 at yahoo.es
Thu Mar 9 11:57:46 GMT 2006

El jue, 09-03-2006 a las 15:10 +1100, Andrew Bartlett escribió:

> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 01:57 +0530, updatemyself . wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > Give Me some good idea, about.. how to manage 3000 Samba Connection.

> Andrew Bartlett

How you see this idea?:

    Several domains ( for example one per node ) and configured with
some type of HA ( for example heartbeat 2).  The clients are
'distributed' by the domain connection. In case of node failure, one of
the other runs eventually serving is own samba domain and the domain of
the failed node ( or a set of them ).
    This approach is only viable when the storage is concurrent ( GFS,
GPFS... ), of course

What do you think ?


David Ballester

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