[Samba] how to manage 3000 Samba Connection

updatemyself . updatemyself at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 13:32:06 GMT 2006

In my Network i have Only One Domain (Win2003)
and all the windows client is accessing the samba share with out further

to run the project smoothly.. i need all this as one domain.. the file
permission and all happening through
only windows.. all the volume's owner is "sysadmin" as that user.. i am
managing the
access control.. (security is also important for me)

i know abt HA (heartbeat 2) and i used for fail over..
my main target is.. load balance.... till i have 6 servers.. as file
server.. fail over is only 2nd thing
what u try to explain is not much clear for me..
if u r able to point some document.. it will be a grate thing..

Thanks a lot.. dude...

i respect ur time also..

On 3/9/06, dbm0572 <dbm0572 at yahoo.es> wrote:
> El jue, 09-03-2006 a las 15:10 +1100, Andrew Bartlett escribió:
> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 01:57 +0530, updatemyself . wrote:> Hi All,> > Give Me some good idea, about.. how to manage 3000 Samba Connection.
>  Andrew Bartlett
> How you see this idea?:
>     Several domains ( for example one per node ) and configured with some
> type of HA ( for example heartbeat 2).  The clients are 'distributed' by the
> domain connection. In case of node failure, one of the other runs eventually
> serving is own samba domain and the domain of the failed node ( or a set of
> them ).
>     This approach is only viable when the storage is concurrent ( GFS,
> GPFS... ), of course
> What do you think ?
> Regards
> David Ballester

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