[Samba] 1 byte writes

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Mar 8 19:05:50 GMT 2006

Hi Thomas,
Jeremy allready gave you good advice,
i just wanted to ask about the ask the "all day questions" before go further
Best Regards from snow white munich

Thomas Limoncelli schrieb:
> Robert Schetterer wrote:
>> but in general there is no performance issue known to me
>> with current samba, what are the samba log say , or/and tcpdump
> I've posted a (hopefully reasonable) summary of the on-the-wire traffic 
> as seen with Ethereal. What are you expecting to gain from tcpdump here?
> As for samba logs, I don't see any particularly suspicious entries, but 
> I'm not sure what to look for either :-/. After all, if the client is 
> asking for 1 byte writes, Samba just serves it. If anyone wants to look 
> into my level 10 debug log, I'll be happy to provide it (off-list).
>> have you firewall on the server etc how is your setup in wins browsing
>> have you tested another nic
> I'm not seeing any network packet loss nor packets dropped by iptables. 
> WINS browsing is working fine from my perspective, but I'm unsure how 
> this is releated.
> Further comments welcome.
> -TL

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