[Samba] 1 byte writes

Thomas Limoncelli limoncelli at web.de
Wed Mar 8 18:31:24 GMT 2006

Robert Schetterer wrote:
> but in general there is no performance issue known to me
> with current samba, what are the samba log say , or/and tcpdump

I've posted a (hopefully reasonable) summary of the on-the-wire traffic 
as seen with Ethereal. What are you expecting to gain from tcpdump here?

As for samba logs, I don't see any particularly suspicious entries, but 
I'm not sure what to look for either :-/. After all, if the client is 
asking for 1 byte writes, Samba just serves it. If anyone wants to look 
into my level 10 debug log, I'll be happy to provide it (off-list).

> have you firewall on the server etc how is your setup in wins browsing
> have you tested another nic

I'm not seeing any network packet loss nor packets dropped by iptables. 
WINS browsing is working fine from my perspective, but I'm unsure how 
this is releated.

Further comments welcome.


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