[Samba] Authentication issue, domain level, share ok, printer fails

Brian Cuttler brian at wadsworth.org
Mon Mar 6 20:54:17 GMT 2006

Samba 3.0.20
OS Irix/sgi 5.2.28

Samba locally built, installed in /usr/local/samba/

Configured to use PDC against Samba server on Solaris which
talks directly to the LDAP server.

I am able to authenticate and map file shares but for my printer
share I receive the NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD, which I consider odd
since we are talking about the same user in both cases.

I have tried with several username/password combinations, and several
typists, so its not just my finger fumbling.

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user testdvm in 
  domain  WADSCSS to Domain controller \\CTXSMB1. Error was

Also, when maping \\everest\homes from the smbclient utility, while
I am able to map and access files I find that when I use the print
command (within smbclient) the files is truncated to zero bytes.

Any assistance/suggestions welcome. We are new to domain level authentication
and use of PDC, previously use used user level authentication but I"m
unable to find the correct PAM config and we are moving away from local
authentication, through NIS (in the case of SGI, NISPlus for Solaris)
to an LDAP backend.

						thank you,

   Brian R Cuttler                 brian.cuttler at wadsworth.org
   Computer Systems Support        (v) 518 486-1697
   Wadsworth Center                (f) 518 473-6384
   NYS Department of Health        Help Desk 518 473-0773

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